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In order to become a member of EASE, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Read the statutes of the association and agree with the membership fee system (listed below).
  2. Find two supporters among the current EASE members.
  3. Send an application email to the mailing list of the managing committee of EASE .

  4. A membership fee system has been proposed and approved by the members assembly on January 25th, 2008. It states the fees to be paid in order to become a member, as listed in the following:
    • 50 EUR /year for individuals,
    • 25 EUR /year for students, apprentices etc.
    • SMEs (<10 employees) and scientific associations: 360 EUR
    • Delegated agent membership: 500 EUR /year (e.g. KMI as division of OU, e-learning unit of IBM, research group of a University)
    • Institutional membership: 1000 EUR /year (e.g., large companies)

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