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  1. The objective of EASE is to promote education and continuing education in the area "Semantic Web" and to support science and research in this area.
  2. EASE objectives are pursued in a direct and exclusive way, in accordance with chapter "Tax-favoured purposes" of the German Fiscal Code in its currently valid version.
  3. The activities of EASE are selfless; its main objectives do not concern its own economic interests.
  4. Resources of the association may be used only for purposes that are specified in these statutes.
  5. The following principles form the basis for fulfilling the association's objectives:
    • EASE aims to promote knowledge and education as a fundamental social objective.
    • EASE aims to support community-building activities, centred around 'Semantic Web Education', involving students, researchers, teachers, and practitioners.
    • EASE aims to disseminate high-quality educational resources about Semantic Web topics to as many interested communities as possible, aiming for maximum reach.
    • EASE aims at fostering co-operation among educational bodies.
    • EASE aims at using technological innovation pursuant to its goals.

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